Private Contact Form

Do you have vendors, suppliers, members who wish to be contacted about their services, but don't want those nasty robots on the web to grab their email address?  

Our Private Contact Form iPART is for you!

The Private Contact Form iPART enables you to create a list of records in your database, via an IQA query and automatically email the "contact us form data" to the selected record.    

  • No login required.
  • A configuration option allows you to customize the subject line and use the iPART in various places on your website.
  • Automatically sends the contact data to the selected record without knowing the record's email address. 
  • Results in the list are managed by you... in IQA.

  • Vendor Directory
  • Board List
  • Staff Contact List
  • Business Directory
  • And so on!

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Pricing:  $999 one time charge includes installation & 1/2 hour of training
Annual Maintenance: $50 per year

If additional configuration or training is required, fees may apply. 
Annual Maintenance guarantees we will support the product free of charge through all upgrades.