Contact Us Form

iMIS doesn't come with a simple Contact Us Form??!!@@!!  NO WAY!

Believe it or not iMIS iPART Gallery does not include a simple contact us form.  So we created one for you!  

  • This iPart can be added to any RiSE page easily.
  • It does not create a record in iMIS
  • The iPART is configurable to send to different email addresses from different pages 
  • Content above or below the iPART is managed through RiSE 
  • Automatically sends an email with the person's comments / questions to the configured staffer

  • You can customize sections of your website to have people contact various departments easily.  
  • The design will mimic your site.
  • This iPART, developed by Get Efficient, can be customized to meet a specific business demand.

Contact Sales »

Contact Sales »

Pricing:  $299 one time charge includes installation & 1/2 hour of training
Annual Maintenance: $0 per year

If additional configuration or training is required, fees may apply. 
Annual Maintenance guarantees we will support the product free of charge through all upgrades, however this product does not interact with the database so the annual maintenance is free.