Simple Registration

Do you have events in iMIS that need a simple more streamlined registration?  Our new One Click Simple Registration iPART is for you!

The Simple Registration iPART allows users to quickly register for events.  

  • No login required.  The iPART compares First Name, Last Name and Email address to your iMIS database.  If the record exists it uses that record, if it doesn’t it creates a record on the fly.
  • The Registration option is a drop list of functions in the database.  You choose one and move on.  This is not intended for events with multiple selections.
  • Simple Check out.  The checkout page is streamlined as well.  One simple type checkout.
  • A customizable receipt is automatically sent.

  • Streamlines the entire registration experience providing a competitive advantage over event software requiring login and many steps
  • Eliminates multiple screens in the registration process
  • Creates better user experience during registration
  • Reduces empty cart syndrome – whereby registrants fall out of the process because there are so many steps

  • If a record is not found based on email address match a new record will be created and not linked to a company
  • If multiple records are found based on an email match a new record will be created and not linked to a company
  • The Simple Registration iPART only works with single registration events
  • The registration user won’t know their actual price until they get to the checkout page
  • Event Prices are based on the registration class setup in iMIS
  • Function and Event questions are not displayed 

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Pricing:  $1,999 one time charge includes installation & 1/2 hour of training
Annual Maintenance: $100 per year

If additional configuration or training is required, fees may apply. 
Annual Maintenance guarantees we will support the product free of charge through all upgrades.